Ice Fishing in Hetta

Guided fishing tour to the beautiful lake Ounasjärvi. We will make the fire while fishing and grill sausages and drink hot juice.

Duration is 2 hours. Cost is 40€/person. Minimum groupsize is 3 persons.
Price includes: rods, baits, guiding, hot drink and sausage by the fire. Additional services: overalls and boots 10€/person/day.



On this trip you will learn about ice fishing, snowmobiling and a bit about northern lifestyle and nature. We will drive to our fishing place, try ice fishing and enjoy hot drinks and snacks by the fire.
Duration Cost
Children Group
Price includes
3-4 hours, driving distance 20 km
90€/person/sleigh ride
115€/person/shared snowmobile
165€/person/single driving
Under 18-years always sleigh ride, under 12-years half price Minimum group size is 2 persons.
Sleigh ride or snowmobile ride, overalls, shoes, gloves, helmets, guiding, ice fishing equipments, hot drinks and snacks.


Ice Fishing in Pöyrisjärvi

Whole day ice fishing trip to Pöyrisjärvi wilderness. Start from Näkkälä.

Price is 150€/person.
Price includes sleigh ride, helmet and guiding. Additional services: overalls and boots 10€/person/day and transports from Hetta, ask an offer: Availability from March.